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SKU: S9V31
Description: LDG 31 Foot Vertical Antenna. Covers 40 through 6 Meters.
Price: $84.95
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Product Details:

A tough, yet ultra-lightweight vertical designed for Amateur Radio use from 40 through 6 meters. The antenna is constructed of rugged tapered fiberglass, weighs just 4 pounds and is double insulated for the safety of your family and neighbors. Be sure to check-out our radial plate for the S9v31.

Our design features UV-resistant, high-tech polymer tube rings that quickly slide on and off the antenna, allowing lightning-fast "tool free" deployment of the antenna at home or in any field environment.

The S9v31 can be mounted on the ground or on your roof.

Permanent ground-mount installations require a 40-inch long, 1-1/4(1-5/8 OD Max) galvanized steel pipe. The S9v31 base tube simply slips over the pipe for a simple and elegant deployment. (A mechanical connection from the antenna base tube to the pipe is neither required nor desired.)

Because the S9v31 is so light, you can roof-mount the antenna using a simple 3'tripod normally used for TV antennas. In this configuration, the S9v31 functions as a ground plane (GP) antenna and four, ˝ wavelength radials are required for each band of operation.


- Features Polymer Tube Rings for Lighting-Fast Installation
- Completely Assembled
- Tapered Telescoping Fiberglass Tubes
- Self-Supporting
- No Expensive Mount to Buy
- No Lossy Traps or Coils
- Ultra-Light and Super-Slim; Weighs 4 lbs
- Perfect for Home or Portable Use
- Deploys in 15 Minutes or Less
- Collapses to 45"
- Unique Double Insulated Design
- No Corrosion; Weather-Proof
- No Hose Clamps or Messy Joint Chemicals
- Forest Green Finish
When used with a good RF ground, the S9v31 is a serious 40 meter DX antenna. The natural resonant frequency of the antenna is just above the top of the 40 meter band - around 7.4 Mhz and it is extremely broad banded. Depending on your ground system and proximity to nearby objects, the S9v31 may exhibit an SWR well below 2:1 in the upper, SSB portion of the 40 meter band without an antenna tuner.

If you primarily operate SSB on 40, you may be able to use the S9v on 40 meters without an antenna tuner. In this configuration, the coax feed line can be directly connected to the antenna. Radials and a 1:1 current choke balun are recommended.  Internal rig tuners will easily tune the S9v31 anywhere on 40 meters. But if you want to use the S9v31 as a multi-band antenna, you will need a quality antenna tuner in your shack or remotely located at the antenna feed point. (Internal rig tuners do not have adequate range to match the higher impedances presented by the antenna on bands above 40 meters.)

For multi-band use, a 4:1 Unun is recommended at the antenna feedpoint for coax runs over 50 feet long. A 4:1 unun lowers the higher impedances presented by the antenna on frequencies above 40 meters. If you are using a quality antenna tuner and have a coax run under 50 feet, a 1:1 current choke balun located outside of the radial field will suffice.

Finally, In lieu of an antenna tuner in your shack, you can use a weatherproofed, remote antenna tuner at the S9v31 feed point for absolute lowest loss and best over-all multi-band performance. There are several remote antenna tuners on the market. When a remote tuner is used at the antenna feedpoint, a 4:1 unun is not required. However, a 1:1 current choke balun may be needed between your transmitter and the antenna (outside of the radial field) if you experience RF current in your shack. (Burying your coax cable also helps minimize RF current from flowing back into your shack.)

For optimum performance, a ground-mounted S9v31 should be used with at least 16 radials (32 preferred), with each radial at least 26 feet, 9 inches long (0.2 wavelength at 7 MHz).  If you have the time and resources, 32 or more radials each at least 26 feet, 9 inches in length (or longer) should be considered to ensure top performance. It is highly recommend that you use the optional S9RP Aluminum Radial Plate to connect and organize your ground radials.

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